Our Philosophy

Learning should be "active", meaningful, self-motivated and most importantly be fun.

Great academic results are one of the by-products of our education.

Our Story

With a strong background in international education and with our first-hand experience, we realized the availability of quality educational resources on Internet. At the same time, its unfortunate that except for a small fraction of population, majority is still not utilizing these educational resources. We believe that an important factor is lack of "Human Connect" to motivate a student to enroll and complete an online course.

At Our School Of Knowledge (OSOK), we provide advance infrastructure and "Human Connect" in the form of Teaching Assistance to all learners to meet their learning objectives.

At Learning Studio 01 (LS01), we provide quality education support to under-privileged schools as our Social Responsibility. We invite  Govt. and Non-govt. organizations to come onboard and replicate our ultra-low cost education model to bring it to masses. It's Not-for-Profit.

Meet the Team

You will love to talk to us.


Asif Jaffri

Business consultant and IT-head

An astute professional with 15 years of experience in Transformation Projects


Mohammad Zeeshan Ansari

Founder & Executive Director

PhD in Computational Biology


Mariyam Akhtar

Counselor and CFO

Master in Economics