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We are a group of edu-enthusiasts, passionate about providing best & customized solutions to your educational needs.

We have developed HYBLEND, a unique education model based on combining on-site and on-line pedagogy. The project is applied in the form of OSOK, Global e-School.

OSOK and its parent company KCPlus are directed by Mohammad Zeeshan Ansari, During his decade long academic career at Manipal University Dubai, Dr Ansari gained expertise in various international educational systems. His PhD and academic training is in Computation Biology from National Institute of Immunology. New Delhi.

With a team of qualified professionals, who believe in the vision and mission of KCPlus, we provide the best-in-class smart solutions, through professional consultancy, business application and social transformation.


Knowledge + Consultancy

Educational services for:

Individual learners-

  • Subject/language skills
  • Foundation & higher studies
  • Competitive coaching


  • Teacher's evaluation & training
  • Admissions and marketing
  • Curriculum development and educational research

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Knowledge + Application

Our School of Knowledge, a Global e-school, focusing the training primarily on education of:

  • Academics
  • Creativity
  • Physical
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Knowledge + Transformation

We adopt schools & develop Learning Studios within the school to utilize quality educational resources. Its Not-For-Profit.

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